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  • Goodbye, fandom

    Hey it’s me again. I was actually not going to be online today but because what happened with the Mockingjay trailer. 

    I’ll be off for several months because of my school. It’s not because of you but because of me, I can easily distract myself for anything and this year I don’t want that because it’s a tough year and it’s the last year before college so here it is my explanation. 

    I’ve to say it’s not a goodbye forever (or at least I don’t think so I hope my mind doesn’t change that fast in just eight months). Anyway, I want to say that this fandom will shine brighter and brighter as we reach the movie release but I won’t be able to share that with you but with my family and friends and I hope you understand this.

    The majority part of the fandom won’t care what I’m saying and I totally get it but I’m posting this because I know there’s a lot of people out there that follows me and they’re very loyal to me as I’m with them so this is for them. Thank you and hope you have a great time watching the movie (at least trying so).


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    The entire Hunger Games fandom (via queenlawrenceskingdom)

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    Don’t mess with me!!! I’m crying

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    donald sutherland is so deliciously sinister, that look in his eyes when he’s takling to katniss, you just know he is the type of guy who will brainwash your loved ones into killing you all while sipping tea and eating crumpets

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