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Carol. 17 years old. Barcelona. Obsessed with THG along with its cast. JLaw is my idol and JHutch my crush. Coldplayer. Crazy.

  • Anonymous asked : Im laughing at Perez like wow they really are trying hard to sell this romance. If putting his arm around someone is being in love Josh sure is in love with alot of his co-stars as well as any other actors out there that has done the same.



    Let’s go on a journey together. A journey of red carpets of past and apparently according to Perez Hilton all the women (and some men) Josh Hutcherson has been in love with because he’s had his arm around them.

    The love birds.

    He likes them a bit older, don’t judge him. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE. SO IN LOVE. IS THAT IS HAND ON HER ASS. Their babies will be adorable.

    Oh yes, you dawg. Look at the body language, just filled with lust. It’s so thick I don’t know how everyone was properly oxygenated.

    I don’t blame him. I’d bang Lenny too.

    Oh god, finger placement, they are getting engaged next week.

    Caught them in a private moment, such love.

    Finger placement AGAIN. OMG!

    Oh Josh, so many ladies, so little time.

    Twofer, to be young again.

    Um excuse me you forgot my fucking BAE okay like this is the romance I want to talk about


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  • Anonymous asked : you think we will see a scene of peeta mellark being hijacked in the capitol?

    I was mulling it over just yesterday! and yes i think unfortunately we’ll got that sad scene… T.T

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  • carolinepeeta asked : What? You like when Josh has that spiky hair? God now I even love you more because for me that's my fav hair cut and gosh everytime I see it my whole body is happy :)


    Oh God yes–like the Paris premiere of CF?

    I happen to very much like coif, too.

    Oh yes pleasee!!!

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